Did you ever read the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff? Well, I did, and frankly the small stuff was eating me alive. Running an IT department is hard enough, but when you have to spend half your day putting out fires instead of working on roll-outs for projects for your bosses, the job becomes pretty much impossible. When I got in contact with LAN Doctors, I figured that it was going to be pretty much the same old stuff, but I surprised by what they had to offer! Eric and his engineers took over the PC maintenance with their Network Assurance program, and now I let him sweat the small stuff.

Information System Manager
IDS Group

LAN Doctors has managed our computer network for eight years. They have done a remarkable job in keeping the network functional and up-to-date, thus enabling our staff to concentrate on our real estate business.

Database Analyst
R.J. Brunelli & Co.

We rely on industry-specific network applications and our in-house Exchange email system, and like most companies our size we could not afford to add a full-time IT person to our staff. We kept the name and phone number of an IT technician who had a full-time job elsewhere as our source for technical support. We were frustrated because the technician did not respond in a timely manner and was unreliable. I accidentally discovered LAN Doctors and I am so glad I did. They are a group of professional engineers that do a phenomenal job by responding quickly to our computer problems and I highly recommend them.

Fenner & Esler Insurance