Zultys and Allworx for all your business needs

Zultys and Allworx both offer top-rated VOIP phone systems for Small and Medium Businesses, to help your company streamline operations, do more for less – and still meet your business and customer demands.

These “all in one” systems combine voice calling, presence, instant messaging, faxing, and more into a solution that lets you tailor your phone system to meet YOUR requirements. With a customized solution from Zultys or Allworx, you can connect all your employees into a single collaborative system to reduce costs and expand opportunities.

With a VoIP system from LDI Group, you can:

  • Eliminate your phone bill and FAX machine – and drastically reduce your telephony costs
  • Enhance productivity - by helping your employees quickly find the best way to connect with colleagues and prospects
  • Capitalize on every opportunity – with more effective voice mail management

Allworx IP telephony solutions offer the flexibility and performance you need to take your business to the next level. Whatever you need, they're listening.

An Allworx VoIP system from LDI Group offers these benefits:

  • Customizable features – to meet the specific needs of your business
  • High-fidelity voice – improved sound and performance for increased professionalism
  • Powerful conferencing – reduce your carbon footprint and increase efficiency
  • Connect anywhere – work from home, office, or on the go
  • Built to last – for a long-term investment that pays for itself

Zultys combines big-business functionality with the ease of use and smart deployment approach that the small to medium business needs to reduce costs, get the job done, and stand out from the competition.

Connect, Collaborate and Win with Zultys Products

Zultys develops products that enable companies and organizations to deploy cost-effective integrated communications systems. Zultys products are designed to maximize investment, interoperability, and usability. Companies and organizations around the world are experiencing the benefits of a Zultys Open Standards IP platform for their communications needs.

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